Arena Essex – Decorating a Speedway arena offices with Cheap Wallpaper

Modern arenas these days have huge numbers of corporate boxes and function rooms that all need decorating and cheap wallpaper such as this from Simply Wallpaper makes an excellent option for this. A speedway arena is no exception to this either, with the growing popularity of speedway more sponsorship money is being put into the sport which means more and more business people are looking to hold corporate functions in them. The effect that this has on speedway racing is incredible, with more money in the sport more talent and advertising is attracted which makes it better for everyone involved. Getting the right look and feel in these corporate boxes is crucial though and cheap wallpaper has proven to be the ideal solution to this.


cheap wallpaper speedway


Cheap wallpaper can help achieve the right look and feel

The reason that discount and cheap wallpaper can work so well is because even some of the cheaper wallpapers can have really unique designs that add a touch of class to a corporate speedway stadium box. Designer wallpaper has its place too where a room needs a little extra expense to achieve the right look, these typically come from people like Graham and Brown and can cost quite a bit more than their cheaper counterparts.


Arena Essex – Making Use of Concrete Fence Panels for speedway tracks

concrete fence panels arena essex


Recently I caught up with a speedway enthusiast who had made his own makeshift speedway track using concrete fence panels. These days speedway is more and more becoming a mainstream sport and is attracting a younger audience, naturally these young fans want to participate in the sport too. One such young member that we spoke to Michael Lewis has built his own small speedway track on his parents land using concrete panels commonly used for fencing. He took the concrete fence panels and used them to mark our the boundaries to the track, he’s set them back so that he doesn’t crack into them of course but he says that they do the job extremely well!

Making your own speedway track from concrete fence panels

If you’re thinking about building your own tracks, you don’t necessarily need to use concrete fencing panels like Michael did, you pretty much just need a large field and some understanding owners. Make no mistake, when you’re making the track the land that you’re building it on isn’t going to look the same afterwards, the ground gets heavily churned up due to the nature of the sport but marking the boundaries with things like concrete panels can often help with this.